Dougherty & Company LLC Innovative Financial Solutions Nationwide

Areas of Focus

Multifamily Housing

We finance affordable multifamily housing projects using state and federal low income housing tax credits throughout the U.S. and are one of the largest underwriters of multifamily housing facilities in the Midwest.

Health Care/Senior Living

We bring cutting edge financing methods to acute care hospitals and senior living facilities with low or below investment grade ratings. We are one of the largest underwriters of long-term care facilities in the Midwest and are ranked in the top 10 nationwide.

Charter Schools

We have become a pioneer in financing this segment of the educational system. Our experience in this specialized field provides charter school clients cost-effective financing options designed to meet their unique educational needs.

Public Power

We serve as financial advisor to regional power agencies and utilities and as underwriter for several issues annually.

Economic Development Agencies

We act as underwriter and advisor to economic development agencies in both rural and metropolitan areas. Our firm was instrumental in obtaining legislation that grants these agencies the ability to create state-sponsored credit enhancement programs, reducing their cost of economic development capital.

Local Government Finance

We understand the needs of municipalities, state agencies and state governments. We possess a long history of successfully underwriting government finance projects in states which typically have a narrow tax base supporting bond issues.