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Equipment Finance

Through our affiliate, Dougherty Equipment Finance LLC, we originate and place equipment loans and leases involving transportation, energy, manufacturing and other asset types. We underwrite each transaction and place them as sole and multi-party participations to an extensive network of community and regional banks. The equipment finance program is particularly useful for financial institutions looking to diversify their portfolio and risk allocation from residential and commercial real estate. Since 2005, we have originated and placed more than $600 million of equipment loans and leases with banks nationwide.

Dougherty Equipment Finance LLC works with financial institutions of all sizes to provide equipment financing expertise. We act as the borrower for equipment loans and as the lessor and owner trustee for lease transactions. Acting as an independent equipment loan and lease originator and advisor to these banks, Dougherty assists with due diligence and transactional analysis, as well as providing continuing support throughout the term of each loan or lease. Dougherty Funding LLC acts as the servicer for all of the equipment loans and leases.

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